• 21 Day Weight Loss Program Nutrition Vixen 21 day reset bundle

    21 Day Reset Bundle

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    Two of Nutrition Vixen's most powerful programs, now combined as one amazing 21 Day Reset! Are you ready to become a master of your metabolism? This 21 Day Reset Program will finally give you the answers you've been seeking...REAL answers. Reset your metabolism... Reset your gut health... Reset your mind... Transform your body! The Nutrition Program and Exercise Program work hand-in-hand to give you results in just 21 days. Here's what's inside: Nutrition Program:
    • 3 Proven Phases to slowly eliminate the foods that cause inflammation and digestive distress
    • 3 Week Meal Plan
    • Complete Grocery Shopping Lists
    • Grocery Shopping Guides
    • Guide to Sugar
    • Guide to Gluten
    • Recipe Index with over 50 gluten/dairy free recipes
    • Lifestyle Guides: Stress, Sleep, Exercise, Gut Health, Meal Prep & Hydration
    • And SO much more...
    Exercise Program:
    • 3 Week Workout Schedule and Printable Calendar
    • Printable Exercise Cheat Sheet
    • Exercise Demonstrations
    • Exercise 101 – Learning the Basics
    • Pre and Post Workout Nutrition
    • Workout Hydration
    • Cardio and Strength Training Workouts
    • Variations for Every Fitness Level!
    • All workouts can be completed at home or at the gym
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