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meet the nutrition vixen team

Meet the women behind the madness! Get to know more about the Nutrition Vixen team and why we’re so committed to helping you live a healthy, fulfilled and well-balanced life.

Heather Deranja Registered Dietitian
Heather is a registered dietitian nutritionist, personal trainer and passionate wellness advocate in Southern California. Heather started Nutrition Vixen in 2014 because of her own struggles with her health and an autoimmune disease. Unable to obtain health insurance, she had to fight for herself and become her own advocate to stay healthy.

As someone who struggled with her health, confidence and feelings of unworthiness, Heather’s mission is to help women release their limiting beliefs and embrace the limitless possibilities of life so that they can live fit, young, wild and free.

She specializes in multidisciplinary health communications and helping others get to the root of their health issues, limiting beliefs and mindset blocks that stand between them and the life and body of their dreams.

Taylor Giacin Nutrition Vixen
CPT, Pn1 Nutrition Coach
Taylor is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach.
As an athlete and health advocate for the majority of her life, Taylor’s passion lies in helping others understand optimal performance through healthy lifestyle behaviors.

Through her own struggles with body and self image, she had to discover the hard way what it means to honor herself as “mind, body and soul”.

Taylor’s journey with Nutrition Vixen began with going through Heather’s program to heal and recover from years of dieting and self-sabotage.

She has lived the Nutrition Vixen philosophy first-hand, and is now the Operations Manager of the company.