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Are You Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired?

  • You’ve tried everything to lose weight…

  • Every diet, every supplement, every 30 day routine…

  • You seem to do “all the right things” but the weight just wont come off or stay off…

  • You exercise more and eat less, but…nothing!

You’re Most Certainly NOT Alone…

The Number of Adult Americans Who Are Overweight or Obese
The Number of Women Who Are Currently on a “Diet”
The Number of Diets That Result in Failure or More Weight Gained

So Why Is NOTHING Working?!

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It’s Not That You Aren’t Trying, It’s That You Haven’t Been Given The Right Information

  • It’s NOT about being “good” or “bad”

  • It’s NOT about calories in vs. calories out

  • It’s NOT about eating less and exercising more

  • And it’s most definitely NOT about restriction and living a “boring” life

You Don’t Need Another Diet, You Need A Different Approach

Welcome to the Nutrition Vixen Philosophy…

  • There is more to weight loss than just food

  • You CAN eat foods you love and still lose weight

  • You don’t have to feel consumed by your food choices

  • You don’t have to exercise for hours upon end to achieve your goals (or even join a gym!)

  • You cannot build a healthy body without first addressing stress, sleep, gut health and hydration

  • You are NOT a lost cause, and you CAN achieve the goals you desire

If you want to stop scratching your head in frustration, let me show you how to truly transform you body and your life.

All you have to do is click the button below and schedule a free, life-changing 20-minute consultation…what are you waiting for?!

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Here’s How We Can Help

Nutrition Vixen offers a variety of products and services to meet your needs…

1-1 Coaching Services

Work directly with Heather and get a customized approach!

Get Down To The Nitty Gritty

If you’re really serious about reaching your goals, 1-1 coaching programs are your best bet. They offer complete personalization, 1-1 support, and life-changing results.

Group Support

Work better in a group? Ask about my group coaching options!

Benefits Of Group Coaching

If you really need accountability and motivation from others, being part of a group coaching program can be an extremely uplifting and empowering way to reach your goals.

Transformation Programs

21 Day Programs, Cookbook, and More!

Go At Your Own Pace

Purchase a program from our store such as the 21 Day Healthy Lifestyle Guide and get started right away!

Let’s Discover What’s Right For You…Book Your Consultation Today!


What Are Other People Saying?

After a life long struggle with weight and food issues I decided to give personal nutrition coaching with Nutrition Vixen a try. I have lost weight many times before but have never been in control of my issues with food or had a clear understanding of what a healthy diet really is. Heather has helped me develop a better knowledge of of how diet is affecting how I feel physically and mentally in day to day life as well as my exercise routine. Through realizing what foods and food combinations are best for me and meal planning and working on the psychological aspects of weight management I feel empowered and know that I can keep this weight off and feel and look better for the rest of my life.While I am still a “work in progress” Heather has instilled in me the confidence to be control of my diet and life. When you are ready to get healthy and understand your body and mind better I highly recommend Nutrition Vixen!

Mark F.

Working with Heather was my saving grace. As a personal trainer I thought I had everything figured out, but there are so many things that she took into consideration that I never would have thought of. Her knowledge and expertise are completely out of this world, and she was able to take my severely damaged metabolism and completely turn it around. I’ve never been happier in my own body. I look good, feel good, have more energy than ever, and also eat more food than ever while maintaining my weight. Highly highly recommend, she really knows her stuff!

Taylor G.

Heather helped me increase my energy level and create a more balanced, healthy lifestyle and I’m incredibly thankful for that! She will encourage you in many ways and hold you accountable. She is definitely so much more than just a standard dietitian/nutritionist and I highly recommend anyone to work with her and use her methods!

Kaitlyn P.

I would give this lady 6 stars if I could. I lost 100 pounds and it started in her office. I was almost 400 lbs. That’s food addiction. Plain and simple. And coming face to face with food addiction through therapy and having a dietitian who understands emotional eating, losing 100 pounds became doable. After learning about portion control, calories, and macronutrients, and actually incorporating those lessons into my eating, I’m now 284. If you’re serious about weight loss, or weight gain, Heather knows what she’s talking about because she’s a dietitian, not a nutritionist.

Patrick M.

Where do I begin to sing Nutrition Vixens praises? She’s compassionate, warm, and genuinely cares about you as a human being. She listens and offers excellent advice and guidance. Her knowledge about nutrition changed my thought process surrounding food. Nutrition Vixen helped me to identify my own triggers and helped me to change my lifestyle. I’ve maintained a healthier weight since her guidance over nearly two years ago and I’m forever grateful! I promise she’ll change your outlook if you follow her lead! Thank you Nutrition Vixen!!

Melissa M.

Are You Ready to Discover What’s Really Holding You Back?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of the first consultation is for me to get to know you and understand your goals. I want to hear what you are struggling with and where you want to get to, and from there I will offer my strategies for immediate action and a long-term solution.

The first call can be nerve-wracking for many because they aren’t sure what to expect, but rest assured you will walk away feeling empowered and ready to take action!

I specialize in the management of autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, celiac disease, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, etc. I also focus my practice on the management and recovery of digestive health issues such as IBS, GERD, and food intolerances/sensitivities.

During our first consultation, we will determine if you are a good fit for my private coaching program. I only take on so many clients in order to give each one my best, and to maintain balance and sanity in my own life.

Even if private coaching isn’t for you, I offer a variety of products and services that will fit your needs.

SO glad you asked! First let me tell you what it’s NOT…

Working with me does NOT include calorie counting, restriction, rigid rules or boring, flavorless food. No way. 

A common misconception about dietitians is that we are the “food police” and that we just tell you what you can and cannot eat, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. You and I will work together to improve your quality of life and reach your goals through realistic strategies that actually work for you.

You’ll be able to eat out, feel confident about your food choices, make meals that are great for just you or the whole family, and feel completely free from the chains of being stuck in an unhealthy body.

You won’t find cookie-cutter plans around here either…each program is customized specifically for that client based on their lifestyle and goals. I want to create a solution that is going to work for your life, not one you have to work your life around.

Calls with me happen on a weekly basis for check-ins and strategizing, and you of course have email access to me as well incase of a burning question or nutrition emergency! Having a coach is about accountability, and I’m here for you every step of the way.

ABSOLUTELY! I myself follow more of a plant-based diet, and I don’t believe that there is one way of eating that is right for everyone (if there was, we would have cracked that code a long time ago).

Like I mentioned before, I want to help you create a strategy that will work for your lifestyle, not one you have to work your life around!