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about Nutrition Vixen
Nutrition Vixen who we are

Who We Are & What We Do

Nutrition Vixen is a health & wellness community that helps women discover their essence and learn what it means to be strong and healthy from the inside out.

Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer Heather Deranja started Nutrition Vixen in 2014 because of her own struggles with her health and an autoimmune disease. Unable to obtain health insurance, she had to fight for herself and become her own advocate to stay healthy.

As someone who struggled with her health, confidence and feelings of unworthiness, Heather’s mission is to help women release their limiting beliefs and embrace the limitless possibilities of life so that they can live fit, young, wild and free.

Through her own journey, she recognized the need for a change in the message of health, and Nutrition Vixen was born.

We empower women to claim the lives and bodies they’re worthy and deserving of so that they can take action, become self-sufficient and live a healthy, well-balanced life that’s limitless.

We are committed to connecting women to a community where they feel supported and empowered to lead healthy and amazing lives.

What it Means to Be a Vixen

It’s your confident alter-ego. It’s an identity you CHOOSE to embody.

A Vixen is an empowered woman who takes action, values herself and doesn’t change herself for anyone.

A Vixen is a woman who isn’t afraid to break the rules by embracing her sexy and confident nature.

Becoming a Vixen means setting aside your fears and doubts, speaking your truth, and OWNING your true self for all that she is.

A Vixen is in control of her life, her health, her body, her energy and her time.

She is a woman of high ambition and strives to be her best self every damn day.

I challenge you to show up, be real, let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you really are.

what it means to be a vixen
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