Hydration Killers

Hydration Killers


If you read my last blog post, you know that 60% of the population does not consume the appropriate amount of water each day.

On top of not drinking enough water, we are also consuming things that contribute to dehydration. This is a recipe for disaster.

So what are the most common hydration killers?

Chances are you consume one or more of these on a daily basis…and if you do, here’s why it could be a problem.

Coffee, black tea, soda, energy drinks, or other forms of caffeine…

Caffeine acts as a diuretic, which causes us to urinate more frequently and contributes to dehydration. Most of us consume caffeine on a daily basis whether it be a cup of coffee, an energy drink, diet or regular soda, or even black tea. Caffeine has a 1/2 life…so 7 hours after you consume caffeine, 1/2 of it is still in the bloodstream. When caffeine is in the bloodstream, our bodies will try to buffer the pH of our blood, which means it will pull vitamins and minerals out of the bones leading to losses of these essential nutrients.

If you have trouble staying hydrated, and you consume one or more caffeine-containing beverages per day, you may want to cut back and reconsider your fluid intake.

Refined processed foods high in sodium…

Fluid levels and sodium levels work hand in hand, so if there’s too much sodium in the blood, then there’s not enough water in the blood, and vice versa. Consuming a diet high in refined, processed, boxed, and canned foods contributes significantly to high sodium levels in the blood, throwing our water levels out of balance.

Bottled juices and vitamin waters…

These are hydration killers not because they necessarily cause dehydration, but because many people replace their fluid intake with these items. Not to mention, they contribute to blood sugar levels and fat storage.

Juices, along with caffeine, do not provide lasting energy, but water can. You will get a spike in energy from consuming caffeine or sugar, but then crash. You’d be surprised to find that water works very well at boosting energy levels. Our bodies are made almost entirely of water, so drinking enough of it can help us feel and look our best.

Try replacing your coffee, orange juice, or energy drink with a large glass of water, and experience the difference of good hydration!