Getting Started With the Metabolic Health Quiz

How healthy is your metabolism?

Not sure where to begin with a healthy lifestyle? Get started with my metabolic health quiz.

This quiz will give you insight into how healthy your metabolism is functioning. Most people are surprised by their results. Try it yourself!

Please answer all questions as honestly as possible, your score and result will be given immediately when you hit submit!

1) Crave sweets/carbohydrates
2) Crave sweets after meals
3) Frequent thirst
4) Fatigue after meals
5) Irritable, shaky, or headache between meals
6) Feel the need for caffeine or a "pick me up" (morning/afternoon)
7) Often wake up during the night
8) Hard time getting going in the morning
9) A "night person", difficulty falling asleep
10) Feeling "tired but wired"
11) Perspire easily, even with minimal exercise
12) Crave salt or liberally salty foods
13) Lightheaded when standing up quickly
14) Difficulty staying asleep
15) Low blood pressure
16) Bloating after meal
17) Experience heartburn or use antacids
18) Excessive belching or burping
19) Sensitive to a number of foods
20) Excessive, foul-smelling gas
21) Lower abdominal bloating relieved by gas
22) History of antibiotic use
23) Nausea/diarrhea from high fat foods
24) Stool tends to be "greasy" and floats
25) Sensitive to caffeine, alcohol, and/or synthetic chemicals
26) Pain between shoulder blades or under right rib cage
27) Tendency to be cold, especially in hands and feet
28) Difficulty losing weight
29) Low energy or tired all the time
30) Brain fog or mental sluggishness
31) Feel tired, fatigued, or weak
32) Experience shortness of breath
33) Experience a rapid heartbeat
34) Experience bleeding gums, nosebleeds, or are easily bruised
35) Muscle fatigue or excessive soreness after exercise
36) Tingling in hands or feet, and/or cracks in corners of mouth
37) Restless legs and/or muscle cramping/twitching

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