Beautiful U Journey

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After years of coaching hundreds of individuals on nutrition and weight loss, I discovered that there was something missing. I always ended up in the exact same place with clients: self-acceptance.

My job as a registered dietitian nutritionist is not just to teach people about food, but to help them obtain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The absolute hardest part about working with my clients, is helping them to realize that they are worth making a change, and that they are worth their own love and attention. It is difficult because most people don’t believe they are worth it.

I decided to create a campaign for women called Beautiful U Journey: 365 Days of Learning to Love Yourself, which aims to guide women through a slow, thoughtful, 365-day process of developing their own self-efficacy, and reframing their thinking and behaviors about self-image so that they can become their true and authentic selves.This journey is inspired by my passion for nutrition and living a healthy, well-balanced life from the inside out.

Up until my mid-thirties, I struggled with my body-image and self-worth. I had always thought that I had to live up to some perfect standard, push myself, and set my expectations so high that I sacrificed any sort of balanced life for the feeling of success. I remember feeling so uncomfortable in my own skin, I hated taking pictures, and didn’t believe in myself and what I was capable of doing. If you want to read my full transformation story and about my own journey to self-acceptance, click here.

I had to learn to make myself a priority, and to just let things go that I once thought were so important. I had to get uncomfortable and embrace myself and all of my flaws.

I know what it’s like to be in that place of struggle, when you look in the mirror and hate what you see, and I still struggle with it. But the thing is, self-acceptance is a choice. Every day you must wake up and decide that you re going to love yourself, talk positively to yourself, believe in yourself, and silence your inner critic.

I created Beautiful U Journey because I want to inspire women of all ages to develop a true feeling of self-love and acceptance. I want to empower women to give themselves permission to wake up and say, “I am enough”. Beautiful U Journey is a full year process; 365 days of learning how to love yourself. The key to making any lasting change is consistency as well as realistic expectations, and not trying to overhaul everything at once and hoping it sticks. Just like losing weight doesn’t happen overnight, neither does developing a true sense of self-love. The way you see and think of yourself is a result of years of internal and external messages, often times negative messages, and changing this way of thinking is a process. The 365 day journey is about waking up every single day and making the choice to love yourself for who you are. 

If you are interested in joining Beautiful U Journey or learning more about it visit our website here. It is completely free and women and girls or all ages are welcome to join.