“Back to Basics” Coaching Program

“Back to Basics” Coaching Program

Start making some serious change with this basic coaching program, designed to get you started in the right direction with losing weight.

If you are someone who:

  • Wants to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle with basic tools and guidance
  • Is interested in beginning the process of losing weight, resetting hormones, jumpstarting the metabolism, and feeling better
  • Is uncertain of how to implement healthy behaviors into your daily lifestyle

Then this program is for you!

“It’s easy to say ‘I’m going to get healthy.’ Everybody says that on December 31st. But what people don’t understand is that it sucks actually doing it, and that’s why they fail. They don’t anticipate the level of work that must be put in to make the change possible. What Heather did for me is something I will never forget. She helped me learn to stick with it. Heather didn’t teach me things like “limit carbs in the morning.” That’s something you can look up on the internet. You don’t need a professional to tell you that. Her job was to get me thinking right about food.” – Pat M.

What does the program include?

This is a 3-month commitment program, providing you with strategies, tools, accountability, and guidance to get you started with losing weight and on the path to a healthier and happier life.

Program Includes:

  • Initial Jumpstart Assessment Call (90 Minutes)
    • Nutrition Assessment Form Evaluation
    • Metabolic Code Questionnaire Evaluation
  • 4 Coaching Calls Per Month (30 Minutes)
  • Weekly Weight/Body Fat Check-ins
  • Email Access Once Per Week For Questions Between Calls
  • BONUS:Free 30 Day Meal Plan ($49.99 Value)
  • BONUS: Free Access to Private Lifestyle Makeover Membership ($1047 Value)
    • Monthly Group Coaching Calls (60 Minutes)
    • Access to countless resources, workouts, and support to get your body looking and feeling its best
  • Access to private Facebook support group

Why Nutrition Vixen?

What makes Nutrition Vixen is different is the approach Heather takes to a healthy lifestyle. She doesn’t just address what you “can and cannot eat”, but she digs deeper to get to the root of the cause of why you feel like you know what to do, but aren’t doing it consistently. If you’re here, that means something isn’t working for you, and Heather is here to coach you through the process of finding out why, and breaking those barriers down with full force, creating a healthier, happier, stronger, more confident you. This proven coaching program will help get you started on the right path to a healthy lifestyle and losing weight.


If you think this program is right for you, let’s chat about it! Please schedule a complimentary 30 minute call with me, and we will determine if it’s the right fit.