Meet Nutrition Vixen: Heather’s Story


I’m Heather, better known as the Nutrition Vixen. I am a registered, licensed dietitian nutritionist, weight loss coach, and mother. I achieved a bachelor of science in dietetics and master of art in multidisciplinary health communications at Fontbonne University in St. Louis. I’m passionate about nutrition and know firsthand the benefits of maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle to self-manage and reduce symptoms associated with chronic disease.

I was diagnosed with a kidney disease in my late teens and was unable to acquire health insurance which led to my pursuit of knowledge in the field of nutrition to ensure a better quality of life. The standardized, fix-it-with-a-pill approach on which modern medicine is built doesn’t take into account the benefits of medical nutrition therapy and this approach contributes to the growing epidemic of chronic disease and diminished quality of life. I decided to become a dietitian to increase awareness of risks and benefits associated with nutrition, provide education, and coach individuals through the process of behavior change that will allow them to take appropriate action to become self-sufficient and obtain a healthier lifestyle.

It seems everywhere I look these days someone has a self-proclaimed “expert” opinion about diet and nutrition. With that comes an array of misinformation promoting health fraud from sources such as websites, television, radio, magazines, newspapers, advertisements, friends, and family. With the growing evidence that supports the connection between nutrition and overall health; many consumers are becoming more aware that changing their current behaviors can ensure a healthy lifestyle. However with the multitude of mixed array nutrition information available making nutrition decisions while shopping and eating can be overwhelmingly confusing.

I’m passionate about debunking diet rumors, myths and fads, while teaching people how to eat foods that are scientifically proven to prevent disease and promote optimal health and wellness. I’m committed to taking research-based information and breaking it down into simple, practical terms that can be implemented into any lifestyle to achieve desired health, fitness, and weight-loss goals. I understand the daily struggles that most people are faced with when it comes to changing nutrition behaviors. My approach is different than most nutritionists because I don’t believe in micromanaging food intake by counting calories or points, limiting grams of fat, or following a specific meal plan. Instead I focus on creating practical strategies that support healthy behaviors that are realistic, achievable, and can be sustained by any lifestyle.

“Habit is habit, and not to be flung out of a window by any man, but coaxed downstairs one step at a time” -Mark Twain